Tea Sets

Sterling and Silver-plated Tea Sets are the ultimate accessory for elegant entertaining. As one of your most expensive investments for your home, you will want to make sure the tea set you choose will be one of quality and beauty. Your sterling tea set can be an extension of the design of your crystal and other silver. Or, it can be a complementary pattern that becomes a conversation piece you will love to display. The variety of styles range from simple lines to ornate detail. Some sterling patterns have been in existence for many years, never waning in popularity. Sterling produced in this U.S. will be stamped "sterling" on the bottom, indicating that it meets the meaning that it meets the government standard of 9.25% pure silver. Sterling silver is meant to be used, so it will develop a glowing patina with age. So, purchase your favorite sterling pattern and enjoy! Silver-plated tea sets are also included in this section.